Single Handle Flat Fabric Leash

Single Handle Flat Fabric Leash




Keep your four-legged loved ones close at hand! Made to match our Jessie Collar & Bow sets, our flat fabric leashes are designed to feel soft and comfortable in-hand, without compromising your ability to hold back even the strongest of leash-tugging dogs. They have a recycled leather core and are covered with a bright, sueded fabric.

All leashes use a metal lobster-claw clasp, and has a flat metal loop between the handle and the length of the leash for additional ease-of-movement and support. All metal hardware has a lifetime warranty for the life of the leash. Leashes are also eligible for our recycling program.

Leash measurements are as follows:

 Size Strap Width (cm / in) Strap Length (cm / in) Strap + Clasp Length (cm / in)
S 2.5 / 0.98 122 / 48.03 127 / 50.00
M 2.5 / 0.98 152 / 59.84 157 / 61.81
L 2.5 / 0.98 182 / 71.65 187 / 73.62

Measurements are take from the tip of the handle to the end of the area specified in the chart. The "M" size is the most common leash length for day-to-day use, while the "S" is intended for dogs who are training or need to be kept closer, and the "L" is for dogs who need a little extra space to roam.

Fabric products are machine-washable in cold water, though do best if hand-washed. Lay flat to dry out of the sun.