Sample Sale: Ella Bow



The Ella Bow was made to finish the look of the Ella Collar, and is made of matching premium quality leather. If you've got something special to dress up for (or just feel like adding a little class to the day-to-day), a bow is the easiest way to do it. These are orphaned bows that don't have a matching Ella Collar. However, they pair really well with the leather on Desmond Collars, or can be mixed-and-matched with any collar of the same size.

The bows come in two style options: the Bow Tie is simply the bow itself, while the Bow Tails has a little extra flourish on the ends. The rear loop snaps on and off your pet's collar.

Ella Bow sizes are as follows:

Size Width Height
XS/S 8cm 5cm
M 10cm 6cm
L/XL 12cm 6.5cm

"Width" measurements indicate how wide the bow is from end-to-end of the front loops. "Height" measurements indicate how tall the bow is from top to bottom of the front loops. Bows in photos are accurate to colour and style, but sizes match sizing chart in description.

Leather bows will last as long as you continue to take care of them. We recommend pre-treating your leather with a spray-on leather protector prior to use, and wiping clean with a damp cloth if it becomes dirty. For the longest life, we do not recommending submerging this bow in water.

Note: All Sample Sale items are final sale, and cannot be returned or exchanged. Please ensure that you have double checked your measurements for accuracy.