Double Handle Braided Leather Leash Double Handle Braided Leather Leash

Double Handle Braided Leather Leash




Keep your dog close! This new leash style is made from a thicker full-grain leather than our original flat leather leash style, and is fully stitched with a special braided detail at the ends of both handles and tip, with an integrated traffic handle carefully hidden in the strap of the leash. The traffic handle makes it easier to pull your pup in near to you. The closest part of the traffic handle sits 14cm / 5.51 in from the tip of the clasp, which is a touch longer than our Double Handle Flat Leather leash, but still quite close.

All leashes use a metal lobster-claw clasp, with handles reinforced with metal rivets alongside the stitching. All metal hardware has a lifetime warranty for the life of the leash. Leashes are also eligible for our recycling program.

Leash measurements are as follows:

 Size Leather Width (cm / in) Leather + Clasp Length (cm / in)
S 3 / 1.18 120 / 47.24
L 3 / 1.18 180 / 70.87

Measurements are take from the tip of the handle to the end of the area specified in the chart. The "S" is intended for dogs who are training or need to be kept closer, and the "L" is for dogs who need a little extra space to roam.