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Nala Harness (Custom Order)



This listing is for a custom-fitted leather harness, which is made to order within 3-4 weeks following a fitting appointment with one of our Safe & Hound team members.

Not all dogs are suited for collars—that's perfectly okay! Many dogs (like Nala, our St. Bernard) are easier to handle with multiple points that can be attached to a leash. Some simply have long, slender necks that easily slip out of a collar. Specific breeds have more delicate tracheas that require extra caution. Whatever your reason, our custom Nala Harness aims to find the perfect fit for your dog that ensures both comfort and safety when on-leash.

The Nala Harness is an updated version of an H-harness for dogs, with some key changes made following vet consultation. The key highlights of this harness are:

  • Straps are made with top grain, matte-finish leather (available in Matte Black, Chestnut Brown, and Golden Brown), and are available in multiple widths, based on the weight of your dog.
  • 2 standard metal D-rings are affixed at both the chest and lower rear. The chest clip allows for increased control and encourages your dog to walk by your side, rather than out in front. The lower rear clip moves the attachment away from your dog's strongest area (their shoulders) and further down to help dissuade pulling. If you have additional areas that you'd like a metal D-ring added to best suit your pup's activities, these can be added for an additional cost!
  • A round metal ring is fitted at the back between the shoulders, providing for adjustment of the front straps to reduce rubbing and ensure they can sit as flat as possible for your dog. This is also a great place to attach their identification tags so that they don't hang and jingle!
  • The waist loop is adjustable with a single-tongue metal buckle at the right (for those who drive, passenger) side. Some dogs may have fluctuation in weight, so it's important to be able to adjust the waist loop to provide the best fit for them at their current weight. As most full-grown dogs don't tend to have much fluctuation in their chest measurements, a shoulder buckle is not a standard feature, but can be added for an additional cost when your harness is made.
  • The upper strap along the spine is finished on the top and bottom to function as a traffic handle, should you need a specific spot to be able to get a better hold of your dog. (Safety note: You should never lift your dog fully off the ground using a harness.)
  • All straps that are fitted across your dog's chest and belly are finished leather, with no metal hardware sitting directly against them to cause harm. 

The $25.00 fee is a deposit toward your custom harness. Final price will vary based on the size of your dog (amount of leather used) and any additional hardware requested. The Nala harness as shown on Jaxon (pictured, a 13lb Yorkshire Terrier) retails for $40.00. A quote will provided for approval prior to production. Please note that purchasing this listing online will be followed up by one of our team members to book your measurement appointment at the Safe & Hound shop, located on the lower level of the Mercer Warehouse (10359 - 104 Street NW) in Edmonton, Alberta.