Our Recycling Program

Cockapoo puppy wearing a navy/red/green/white collar and bow tie with a label that reads Safe and Hound, attached to a tan leash, with a brick building in background.

In a perfect world, we'd be able to purchase any item once, and use it until the end of time. Unfortunately, this isn't realistic (especially with items we buy for our pets), and the amount of waste generated on our planet is out of control. In an effort to reduce our environmental footprint, Safe & Hound is proud to offer a recycling program for all apparel items.

Lifetime Warranty for Metal Hardware

We guarantee the metal hardware on all of our collars and leashes for the lifetime of the product. That means that as long as the collar or leash is still intact (with no signs of damage outside of normal wear and tear), any failures that affect the function or performance of the metal buckles, loops, and D-rings are covered under our warranty. In these cases, we will either replace the broken hardware, or swap out the collar entirely. The only cost that may be associated with this is shipping (and only if shipping is necessary, as we can also offer local pickup in the Edmonton, Alberta area). Please note that discolouration in the finish of the metal is not included under this warranty, as that may happen through normal use.

Re-Using Lightly Used Collars & Leashes

Sometimes puppies grow out of their collars before they've had a lot of wear. Other times, pet parents see something really cute that they can't resist picking up for their fur children, even though they already have one. We're not here to judge, but we definitely want to help you 'Marie Kondo' your collar collection in a way that gives them a second "leash" on life with another lucky doggo or catto.

If you provide us your pet's current lightly used collar or leash, we'll donate those items to our charitable partner to provide to a newly-adopted pet going into a foster or forever home, on top of the 10% monetary donation on your new purchase. In order to be donated, any lightly used collars and leashes must be clean, and show no signs of rough wear or weakness.

Recycling Damaged Collars & Leashes

Dogs will be dogs. We've had collars that got ripped in a wrestling match at the park, or leashes that turned into tug-of-war toys. It happens! What we don't need to do is add extra "trash" to a landfill that we can otherwise recycle.

If you return any Safe & Hound collar or leash to us in a state that doesn't meet the donation criteria, we're able to take it apart and ensure that all parts are properly recycled. We'll send any leather remnants back to Leon, Mexico to be recycled into new leather interfacing that we can turn into new collars and leashes. We'll ensure the canvas is sent for composting. We'll take the metal hardware and either re-use or recycle. We'll do everything in our power to ensure that we don't create excess waste.

We'll also provide you with a 10% discount code on your next purchase to thank you for helping to do your part to be a more conscientious consumer.

How to Get Your Recycling Program Discount Code

Contact our team via the Messenger chat, or send us an e-mail to make arrangements for your recycling return. Once your product has been returned to us for recycling, we'll e-mail you a discount code. Easy peasy!