Double Handle Flat Fabric Leash

Double Handle Flat Fabric Leash




Get an extra handle on your dog! Made with a recycled leather core and the sueded fabric from our Jessie Collar & Bow sets, our double handle flat leashes are an upgraded version of their single handle sibling, with an integrated traffic handle carefully hidden in the strap of the leash. The traffic handle makes it easier to pull your pup in close or to have an extra grab spot if you want to brace the length of your leash with your torso. The closest part of the traffic handle sits 9 cm or 3.54 in from the tip of the clasp, so you've got a bit of room between your hand and your dog's collar or harness (just not so much that they're truly far from you). 

All leashes use a metal lobster-claw clasp, and include a flat metal loop between the handle and the length of the leash for improved mobility. All metal hardware has a lifetime warranty for the life of the leash. Leashes are also eligible for our recycling program.

Leash measurements are as follows:

 Size Leather Width (cm / in) Leather + Clasp Length (cm / in)
S 2.5 / 0.98 120 / 47.24
M 2.5 / 0.98 150 / 59.06
L 2.5 / 0.98 180 / 70.87

Measurements are take from the tip of the handle to the end of the area specified in the chart. The "M" size is the most common leash length for day-to-day use, while the "S" is intended for dogs who are training or need to be kept closer, and the "L" is for dogs who need a little extra space to roam.

Fabric products are machine-washable, with best results in cold water on a delicate cycle or hand washing. Lay flat out of the sun to dry.