Ethically handmade collars
can fit in anyone's budget.

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Bandannas can be made
to fit all breeds of dogs.

(And stay on!)

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Leather accessories can
be accessibly priced.

(And responsibly sourced!)

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Ethically-made pet supplies shouldn't be a luxury product.

We want to help fix that.


Created to be Durable

Throwaway culture sucks. We use high-quality materials, have a warranty on collar and leash hardware for the lifetime of the product, and interface our collars with recycled leather for strength.


Designed by Dog Owners

Well, it's cute, but is it functional? We designed our products and tested each sample out for "real life" with a wide array of different dogs (from Yorkshire Terriers to Great Danes) in Edmonton, Canada.


Handmade by Artisans

Labour exploitation can be common in pet goods. We sought out the very best artisans in Leon, Mexico to carefully make each product by hand, and asked them to set their terms, ensuring a fair living wage.


Give Back to the Community

There are so many wonderful organizations out there, and we don't want to take away from their efforts. On a quarterly basis, we will donate 10% of our profits back to Dogs With Wings Assistance Dog Society.


Re-Use & Recycle

We don't want to contribute to landfills. Outgrown or damaged collars can be sent back to us to be re-used, recycled or donated (and we'll give you a discount toward your next collar or leash.)


Priced for Everyone

It can be hard to transition to ethical consumption on a budget. Our products are accessibly priced to provide a better quality alternative to the "Made in China" models, and with additional "feel good" factors.